Mencari Link Setempat Di FEEDJIT

December 12, 2008


Sila jangan gelak.. Aku baru tau pasal benda nie.. Adeh.. Senang la aku nak meronda² kat alam maya nie.. Boleh gak tumpang sekaki kat blog² yang popular..

Try untuk blogger di Shah Alam  ini tips dari dorang..

How are “Local Relevance” and “Local Popularity” scores calculated?
When you view a city in the Geoblogosphere for the first time we show you blogs ranked by their “Local Relevance” (the big numbers on the left). You can switch the view to “Local Popularity” by clicking the “Local Popularity” link at the top of the list of blogs.

We calculate “Local Relevance” using our own formula that calculates how interesting a blog is to people in a particular city. Often you’ll see blogs at the top of the list that don’t get a huge amount of traffic from the rest of the world but are very relevant to people in the local area. If you write many blog entries about your local town or city, you’ll probably find your blog close to the top of this list.

We calculate “Local Popularity” using the number of readers a blog gets from a certain geographic area. This is a much simpler method and usually shows more “main stream” blogs that aren’t always local to the area.

Please Note: For “Local Popularity” and “Local Relevance” we consider a number of other factors when we rank blogs. These factors often include the following to varying degrees: freshness of the blogs content, adult content, spam and several other factors. We are also constantly experimenting with new algorithms in order to show more interesting and relevant blogs.

Nanti la aku try.. haha..


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